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Hello Every One ! before joining us you should know about us. Who we are? So my journey started on 23 October 1979, It is my birth date. But this is not all of your concern 😅.

Your concern is my IT career that started in May 1998. I joined basic computer DTP course as i was not very good in academics but I found it interesting.Later in October 2000 I joined E-Commerce Course from Asset International. Although faculties were very good there But I felt that something is missing.In technical field, you cannot teach like you teach in school.In technical training you have to clear every hidden aspect of that technology.Once you know about all the nuts and bolts you can overcome of any hurdle.Programming is like maths it is not history that just memorize thing and finish. No that can't be done you have to understand logic.I had always doubt in small things like actual working process of for loop,switch cases etc. So I decided to explore them on my own behalf and found some great developer on internet and clear all my doubts.

During that time I felt that every student have different mind set or you can say frequency you can't teach every one with same method and almost every student was trying to memorize things and that was totally wrong.At that time, I started working there and i helped students to clear there fundamentals doubts they had about programming.I knew that just teaching in IT field can't make you a good teacher in IT field.You have to have practical knowledge of programming and other thins so I worked very hard i learned many new things that were very demanding at that time like Macromedia flash,Adobe package and other things. And worked for asset International and others on making video advertisements and presentations. So i made my concept strong with teaching as well as practical hand in technologies and programmings.After that I worked for Webcom Technologies,E-Line Solutions, and also worked for The Doon School as an Animation Instructor. At that time period i flourished my self in web technologies,animation and video and sound editing specially in php,asp,3dsmax,maya,adobe premier,sound forge and other technologies. That time I realized that just wast knowledge of your field can't make you a good teacher.For a good teacher you have to know that how to deliver your knowledge to learner.For that you have to think like a learner.That thinking made my teaching bit different from others that I feel.In 2006 I Established techguru since then we are teaching different programming languages like ,Java,C#,Asp.net,PHP,Python,C,C++ and Data structure we are not just limited to only basic things but teaching most demanding technologies like Angular Js,Vue Js,React JS,Machine Learning in Python and R-Programming ,Google flutter,MVC and MVT architectures Django and Ckae PHp. My main moto was to train students for Industry for that I must do regular work in industry as well and i did that. Today FSl, and Intelligence like government department working on applications developed by Techguru.Our students are working in top companies in U.S.A and U.K and other countries.I am also providing technical solution to many IT companies.So the conclusion is that we are preparing students as per Industry standards it is not just an ordinary coaching.

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